Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Golden Ratio Face Glam #2 Pink Review


So I planned to have this for quite a while now and I also got this from my recent haul  in Etude House. I also have the gold one but I want to have both so... (click on the links if you want)

I tried this a few times already and I think that everything is the same with the gold one, well except for the color so I think that I can do a pretty much decent review of this liquid highlighter.

Etude House's Golden Ratio aesthetic makeup line. This 2 in 1 highlighting base and brightening eye makeup accentuates facial features to beautify according to ideal proportions.

[Tips] 1. Apply to T & C Zones and along cheekbones and spread across facial surface. 2. Apply to upper and lower eyelids and spread along eye region.

[Directions] Base: Use tip to gather and dispense onto palette surface. Use fingers to gather base makeup from palette surface and apply to face. Eye Brightener: Use fingers to gather and apply brightener to eye region.

[Volume] 40 ml (Base) + 4g (Base)

I was already jumping for this as soon as I bought the gold one because I want them both in my collection, lol. I've always wanted the glowy look that Korean actresses have and I just can't seem to achieve that with the gold one because it has pink pink shimmers, this one has white shimmers to it and I'll say what I have to say now...

The packaging of the Golden Ratio Face Glam is really good. The plastic used are of high quality, not brittle or anything close. The upper part of the cap is for the Eye Brightener, it also has a small mirror attached to it and the lower part of the cap holds a spatula for the Base.

The Eye Brightener has a really good concentration of the white shimmers, it's a cream type. You'll only need a bit of it and it's also very blendable.

The Base is really watery, it drips from the spatula unlike the Tony Moly(click the link for the review). It's not very much concentrated with the shimmers but the highlighting effect is really awesome. It brightens but not in a striking way. You'll only need to use a bit of it too because it's kinda runny.

Try dabbing the base little by little using a foundation brush or just your fingers, not just spreading it in big areas right away so that when it dries, you'll have a better concentration of the shimmers. This way, the highlight will be more pronounced.

when I opened the box at home, my Eye Brightened was like melted whatever... So, I "tried"to fix it somehow. Yeah I know it's ugly.

I recommend this product to those people who wants a natural looking hint of glow in their faces. It looks very natural but you can apply more if you want to have more emphasis to your facial features. I think fair skinned people will suit this more, medium to dark skinned people can use it too but it might be a little bit striking. Just always remember to build the amount little by little, let some of it dry first before applying another layer to avoid looking wet, of course you'll want to look glowing instead of that.


  1. wow, i wanna try this... thanks for the review... i hope this will blend well with my missha bb boomer and bb cream...

  2. @eibeegee, goodluck in trying! I hope you'll like the result with your missha bb cream and boomer :D

  3. Crystal light pink beam or Golden ratio Pink? Which one is the better? i intend to buy but a little bit confused. Your review is very useful..^^

  4. The crystal light pink beam gives a stronger highlight, more shimmers. Golden ratio pink looks dewy, less shimmers. If you got oily skin, I recommend the crystal light but if you have dry skin, I recommend the golden ratio:D

  5. thanks >:D< I have oily skin so I'll try the crystal light.

  6. This looks like a great lower-priced replacement for products like Benetint!!


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