Saturday, May 14, 2011

TONY MOLY: Crystal Light Liquid Highlighter in Pink Beam and Gold Beam Review

Just after 3 days, here I am again with another new blogpost... (hell yeah I love to blog lol) Sorry, I just can't stop itching about these two cute products I bought from Tony Moly! I'm talking about their Crystal Light liquid highlighters.

I couldn't understand any description in the box or in the bottle except that it's 10ml and made in Korea (hey, at least give us some english info about this product! Not all of your costumers are Koreans! That's why you export right!? Right?! Right?!) Naah just kidding... but seriously... Naah just kidding... but seriously... lol


I have it in two shades, the pink one and the gold one. I'll do a review for both of the products so you'll see what shade will fit you more.

Here's an overview of the two shades
Let's talk about the packaging first. I gotta say that it's really pretty. Not the cute-type pretty, but the classy-chic-type pretty. It looks expensive though it's really not. They come in these small glass containers with screw caps that hold thin spatulas inside. The caps are made up of thin, reflective metals (gold for gold beam and pink for pink beam) and both have "Tony Moly" engraved on it too so it's really nice.

The formula is really thick, it doesn't drip from the spatula. That's a good thing because it's really concentrated with the shimmers. It will not make your face look wet or sweaty, but it will make it look glowy instead.

They both have a really mild clean scent.


Short Review of TONY MOLY Crystal Light Pink Beam

This shade has white glitters to it. It's light pink when swatched but it turns to white when blended.
It reflects light very well because it's really pigmented with the white shimmers.
You'll only need a little amount of this to achieve a perfect glow. Don't overdo it, that's gonna make it unnatural(very pigmented, alright).
I have no complaints about this shade.

 (not really) blended


Short Review of TONY MOLY Crystal Light Gold Beam

The gold shade has pink shimmers to it. You'll see that just by looking from the container.
The gold-ness will be gone when blended and it will be just pink shimmers.
Don't apply too much of this because it may sometimes turn a little too pink.
The thing I don't like about this is that the pink-ness of it is a bit dark for me. But just a tiny bit.

 pink shimmers


Usually, the product for fair skin is 01 and the one for tanned skin is 02. In these highlighters, Pink Beam is 01 and Gold Beam is 02. I guess that explains it but here's my say...
I think the gold beam will really not suit people with fair skin. The pink shimmers to it creates a warm glow and doesn't fit with white skinned people.  But I think tanned people can use either because the gold one will suit them because of the warm type of glow, they can also use the pink beam if they'll apply just the right amount but it may look too white if they'll use it too much and that too much will not look so good.


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