Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This trip to the new Etude House in Megamall made me crazy.

I wasn't really planning on going there but I saw the page on Facebook and I saw the spin wheel thing and the freebies but I didn't have money so my mom lent me some. Yes, I'm supposed to pay the money back lol. I wasn't expecting that it would not be enough! At home I was thinking of what things to buy and I only had a FEW on my mind so I was confident that my money would be enough to buy those things.

And then...

I had to return an eye shadow just so my cousin and I can go home. The cashier almost scanned it! I saw the amount and I was like... I was embarrassed, lol but that's life, or that's what I'm just trying to tell myself.


I was happy that I already bought their All Day Strong BB Cream and the Golden Ratio Face Glam in pink. (those two are the main things that I was supposed to buy.)

I ended up buying more stuff. That Henna Fix Mascara, the Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam, The Strawberry Lollipop Lotion, And a Bling Bling Eye Stick.
Why am I like this? lol, I know that it's only a few but that's what my budget as a poor student can afford. Anyway, the pouch is sooo cute, I'm not even thinking of using it. Maybe I'll just always touch it to feel the softness, lol.
When I get my money, I think I'll really go back and buy the things I still wanted to buy.


1 comment:

  1. i love etude things! <3
    please do review about them ;)


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