Thursday, May 5, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Miss Tangerine Brightening Cotton Primer Review

I think I've used this enough for me to make a review about it. Since it's just a primer, I didn't expect anything major to happen to my face. So... here's my review

"Containing Tangerine extract to brighten, aqueous cotton pads supply skin toning and moisturizing foundation prep."

[Directions] Use pads to wipe all areas of the face and neck prior to foundation makeup application.

[Volume] 65 ml

[Qty.] 40 pads

What you'll find inside the cute container are:
a plastic lid with the plastic tongs,
40 cotton pads soaked with the primer.

What I like:
The packaging. I wanted to try something new and this one is unique (for me, but I think this is kind of common in Korean makeups)
The scent! it's very tangerine-y
The fact that every pad is oozing with the primer.
The moisturized face I get after putting this primer on.

What I don't like:
The packaging. Sometimes, I just get too lazy to pull up the lid, pick up the tongs and take one pad, lol.
The fact that I have to think of how many pads I have left.

What some of you will not like:
The fact that it doesn't brighten your face.

I think this is just a great moisturizing foundation primer, nothing more. I really felt that my skin was super moisturized after using this but there's just no brightening effect. I also don't think that it makes your foundation/BB to last longer. Attention to people with oily skin (like me): this is not a mattifying primer so it might make your face oilier.

I just bought this because it's new, it smells good and I want to add it to my collection. And like what I said, I didn't expect anything from this product. No expectations = No disappointments. (Great quote for lazy people like me, lol)

Even the box is pretty!

The lid and the tongs.

The primer...s

Was it a good buy? Not really. I think there are a lot of primers out there that can surely do better than this one, but if you're just also wanting it to be added to your makeup collection, then go. It's not a total fail because it softens your face... but it's also supposed to "brighten", not just to "moisturize".

Just a bit of talking...

I'm really excited for the end of this month! I ordered 2 BB Creams (from Holika Holika and Lioele) then a foundation (from Holika Holika). Wah! I can't wait! lol just saying...bye!

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