Friday, May 27, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Magic Tint Balm #04 Review

I love lip balms, that's for sure so when I had my first trip to an Etude House store. I got this one straight to my basket along with the other stuff I bought. I picked this one because the color is like what all of my lip balms have ,it's my first time to buy from the store so I decided to pick some basic items first, I didn't want to get blinded by all the lovely stuff.

The packaging is of this product is very plain. (not complaining here, just an info) It's simply comes in a flat, round jar. The cap is red while the body is transparent so you'll see what the lip balm's color is from the outside. The print at the cap reflects rainbow-colors in light but you have to be careful with it as it wears off kind of easily. My friend has this lip balm too and you'll no longer be able to read anything in the cap, it's just plain red now. I don't know if she's just clumsy or what. But yeah I don't want mine to be like hers so I'm taking care of it.

I don't know how many grams this is but it will surely last a long time to anyone. It really has a lot of product inside the pot.

The formula of this lippie is a bit thick and you can feel that it's heavy that's why I sometimes don't like using this. I like it better when I can feel that my lips are just moisturized rather than feeling like Angelina Jolie. But that's just me...

The color is kind of a dark pink. It's just one of those dark pink colored lip balms, nothing special. If you're gonna look closely, there are few glitters in it but they are so not noticeable I don't even know what it is for.

It has a strawberry-candy-like scent and taste but it's not harsh in any way. (yeah, that's how I explain things alright.)

The color and the moisture can last as long as 2 and a half hours,  that's the longest time it looked fine on me. It's still there after 3 hours, the color is still there but it feels dry already.

What I really like about this product is how it looks when you apply it on the lips. It's like you just applied a clear lip gloss and that your lips are really pink. The color is neither too harsh or too subtle, it will surely give your lips an instant bloom. It's gonna make your lips look plump and juicy.

Sorry, got a wound there

The Magic Tint Balm is a bit heavy to be called a lip balm, it's actually more of a lip gloss but if you want a really affordable way to get pink, plump lips then this one is definitely a nice product to try. I just think that my lips are already big so there's no need for me to  make them bigger.


  1. aah this is my favorite lipbalm too. reviewed it on my blog already =)

  2. From your pic, I think #04 kinda gives a natural looking color. I gotta buy one. :)

  3. Off to buy mine in EH on Saturday! You are slowly becoming the best EH consultant ever~ I think the pink shade of their dear darling tint is 02? I plan to top off the tint with this balm.

    Hope it'll fit me well.

    My little new world:

  4. @My name is chien, uwah! Thanks! Sorry, my dear darling tint is the orange-y one and it's in 03 I'm not sure of the pink shade :)


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