Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Face Color Corset #1 Highlight Fit Review

Wow, it's really cold today! Constant rain and wind since idk when. I got nothing else to do, classes are suspended so here I am with a review of my somewhat new highlighter, from Etude House again. The Face Color Corset in #1 Highlight Fit.

This doesn't come in a box so I don't have a description for this product. I'll show you the pictures now so it won't be boring, lol

Lol at my paracetamol

This comes in a simple packaging but with really cute prints! It's like the back of a corset and there are pink hearts on the circumference. The highlighter itself has also an embossed print, it's like a lace or something.

It has a very pinkish-lilac color which turns invisible once applied on the face.

The shimmers in this one are soooo fine. It makes your skin look healthy rather than making it unnaturally glowing

It has a very sheer coverage, no strikingly white shimmers even if you apply more of it.

I think that I prefer this more than my Secret Beam Highlighter because that one tends to be a little too white while this one is just pure shimmers which makes it look more natural and suit all skin tones.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a natural glow. This is for any skin tone. Perfect for natural looking makeup! It's very cheap too!


  1. i just purchased this!

  2. Im going to purchased it. But i have a round face. should i use highlighter?


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