Sunday, October 2, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Color My Brows #1 Review


I adore the eyebrows that the Koreans usually have. It's kinda thick but it looks neat and youthful. Since I started grooming my eyebrows, I've always had it thin (not too thin, though) and I just started to thicken it out just in this new school year which isn't so new anymore so, that's like 4 months already?

My eyebrows do not have nice arches. They were like rectangles back in high school, lol. The strands are kinda long and a bit thick and I was worried because I thought that using this was only gonna make my brows look stupid. I already thought of buying this before but I didn't because I thought that the darkest color was still light. I got scared and I returned it.

So now I have it and here's my review!

Brow mascara combs to set, shade and moisten brows for a refined natural.

[Directions] Use wand to gather makeup and apply to brows by combing along direction of growth.
[Net Wt.] 4.5 g

The packaging of this brow mascara is simple. It's like just a regular small mascara with a regular brush.

The actual color of this is a light brown, it's actually kind of scary to look at it from the brush. You'll think that you'll get cakey brown brows in using it.

The consistency of this product is very thin, so it's guaranteed that your brows will not be thicker in using this.

It turns the color of my eyebrows into brown which looks very natural. I love it!


What I do with this before swiping it to my brows is that I remove the excess product from the tip of the brush so that it won't be too thick or wet looking.

I was really scared to try it at first but I was just being stupid. I've worn this for 10 hours and it lasted.

I use long swipes of this product to brush the brows evenly. I don't avoid my skin when brushing, I use this as if it's just a normal eyebrow brush.

This will look great for people with dark colored hair. But if you have your hair bleached or if it's light, then I recommend the lighter color for you, of course. Bye!



  1. I want this!))
    Now I'm using a Rimmel eybrow pencil and I love it, but I just want to try eyebrow mascara))
    I hope the colour will suit me (I'm a redhead with rather dark eyebrows naturally so I don't want to make my brows more darker but not too light or orange =.= )

  2. I Just bought mine yesterday the lighter shade. It has a little bit of shimmer in it

  3. ^ Really? I'm thinking of buying it too since my friend told me that it's not really that light once applied :D


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