Sunday, September 25, 2011


September is an unlucky month for me. No new makeup or whatever. Guess I'll be taking a break from hauling. Since the start of this month, I wanted a hair straightener so bad. So, that was what I bought.

I went to SM Makati and saw that there is a P500 off in this hair straightener. Now, it's only P2,075 haha so I'm still considering myself lucky!

During the early months of this year, I thought that my hair was straight enough even without rebond or relax or whatever so I bought a hair curler, following my instincts. And until now, I don't know how to use it properly, the curls are always uneven, the right side is always prettier lol. Then I've seen videos on youtube, gurus curl their hair using a flat iron and it looked really easier than using hair curler so I was like... "I've watched these videos before, why did I still buy that curler???"

anyway, here's what I bought!


This hair straightener is ideal for dry or wet hair but I doubt that I'm gonna use it for wet hair?


I tried to curl my hair and I kind of failed, lol. But I don't care anymore! It's just between me doing it or me being stupid and I don't think I'll take being stupid. Let's practice until my hair literally burns! Yes, that's positive thinking for me

see ya!


  1. your face is so pretty!. do you still use AC Clinic from etude? is that work really well for pimples? i've tried so many product for acne problems but none give me a good result :( i love your blog anyway ;) stay gorgeous!

  2. really? lol thanks :D yes I 'm still using it until now. It really works for me, maybe you should try it? :D


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