Saturday, September 17, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips in #3 Miss Sunny Tangerine Review

I've always thought that lippies in orange or brown tone suits my lips better than ones in pink tones. I bought this one instead of the Miss Tangerine Tangerine because I think that this one's more wearable for everyday use than that, and I like the color red orange.

I should've bought this first instead of the Follow Me Tint because I absolutely love this one.

Glossy, moist lipstick in fabulous Tangerine shades for juicy, tangy lips.
[Directions] Twist to dispense makeup and apply evenly to lips
[Net Wt.] 2g

The packaging of this product is so PRETTY!  It looks more expensive than its actual price. The color of the packaging is light orange and there's a metallic part with polka dots before the cap. It's just soo cute! Anyway, you'll hear a clicking sound everytime you twist it.

The pigmentation is very nice! The color of this lipstick is red orange and it makes your lips look really juicy and glossy. The consistency is very thin yet it gives your lips a very nice color. I think that's nice because it doesn't look unnatural no matter how much you apply it. In fact, this doesn't appear like a lipstick for me at all, it's better than lipstick because it gives a nice moisture for the lips.

It has a yummy tangerine scent!

The moisture stays for 30 minutes on me but the color stays longer (like an hour).



So, I'm currently using this for my everyday use because like I said, it's not like a lipstick because of the thin consistency. I really love the formula for this one because it feels so light on the lips and the look it gives is so natural. It looks glossy on the lips like a lip gloss but this one's better because it does not give a heavy feeling.

I'm so happy that I bought this. No cons for me.


  1. Very nice colour! I prefer orange-red tones too. Probably I'll buy this one too. But now I'm thinking over Lioele Bloom Orange Tint... Have you tried this one by any chance?

  2. @Natalie, I haven't tried the Lioele bloom orange tint, I want to but it's not available in my country and I think that Lioele is expensive haha.

  3. hi.. i love soft orange color.. i want it :D thanks for review..
    btw, i'm ur new follower ^^
    feel free to follow me back :)

  4. @sheilla, of course i'll follow you :D

  5. is this lipstick has good staying power?

  6. Wow! It looks great on you! I'll be checking this one out sometime!


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