Friday, December 14, 2012

Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Stick Concealer Review

Hi everyone. Missed me? lol jk. So this product that I'm gonna be reviewing has been in my everyday routine since I bought it...forgot when, haha. And like most of my products from Holika Holika, I also love this one!


So first of all, even though the print on this product is simple, the packaging is still different from other stick type concealers. It looks like a big crayon! I feel like I'm just drawing on my dark circles whenever I use this.

The coverage is light-medium and has a semi-matte finish. It doesn't have a brightening effect, and I don't really want that because I think that it just emphasizes that you have dark circles, makes the eyes look smaller and it also makes the skin there look dry. This one only neutralizes my dark circles which is what I want and need.

Stick concealers are a little hard to blend but I think that this one's extra hard to blend comparing to the stick concealer of Etude House that I have tried before so I only stick to my fingers when using this. I dab it slowly to melt and blend! Using a brush or a rubbing motion will just give you more lines under your eyes, particularly with this product haha...

I don't use this for my blemishes because like I said, it's hard to blend this with a brush and dabbing with my fingers won't help since it isn't precise and makes it lose coverage.

*The before photo is worse in real life.

When I use this, it looks very natural, like I just had good night sleep!

I think that this is by far the best concealer for dark circles that I  have tried. It doesn't look cake-y, doesn't settle in my fine lines, it matches my skin perfectly, cute packaging, only a little of it is needed and it's cheap! I consider myself lucky for buying this one, hihi.

Here's an old song I love. Just sharing... It's a very relaxing song. I love you Jason Mraz!

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