Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I was in the mood to spend a little of my savings so I headed to Megamall to check out Etude House and 
Tony Moly...
I think Etude House got boring? Or is it just that they haven't restocked yet... But yeah, I wasn't attracted to their new products that much. The sale items are... But next time, I want to buy more AC Clinic products.

And there was Tony Moly... I wanted to buy a lot of things there but I guess I have to wait until July so my dad can take me there again ... Damn loaded credit cards, haha.

Anyway, I don't know what's with me but I keep on buying masks!

Here are the things that I bought!


[Dr. Tony AC Control White Foam Cleanser. Php498] Yey new cleanser! I'm expecting the best from this one! Hihi

[Look at My Lips #18. Php328] I've always wanted a peachy nude color...

[Crystal Mono Shadow #18. Php198] I was looking for a dark purple eyeshadow and this is the only one I got right now. I want the one from The Face Shop too!

[HanBang Mask Sheet Pack Chestnut Peel. Php58] This one's on sale! 40% off I think... If I'm correct, it's for exfoliation.

[Masquerade 4D White Dress Mask. Php138] Attractive packaging, right?!It's for whitening

[HanBang Mask Sheet Pack - Houttuynia Cordata. Php58] On sale too! This one's for breakouts and stuff...

[Cottony Essence Sheet Mask Lemon. Php58] It's sale too and we all know lemon is for brightening

[Cottony Essence Sheet Mask Wine Php58] And we all know that wine is for getting us drunk, haha

[I Need You, Red Ginseng Mask Sheet. Php58]  Red Ginseng is for repair!

[It's Real Mask Sheet. Php128] Yeah, I can't even imagine something more real than this, lol. This one has antioxidants in it... Kinda expensive IMO

Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream and Etude House's forevermore freebie...

Free mask from Tony Moly!!!

I was going to take the pictures for my next review but then the other one fell and broke! I'm still going to post it this week! Maybe on Saturday...

My gift samples from The Face Shop... Some of them gave me pimples! Grrr... I'm thinking it's the essence or the sun cream!

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