Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 2012 Mini Haul


Hey everyone! So I did a little haul last Sunday (Really sorry for being late! Internet connections again)… I was aiming to cross out three items from my list of Etude House products that I wanted to have (hair color, brow mascara and sun cream) but then there was no available stock of the Bubble Hair Color and I was really sad!

But then there were two new products that caught my eye! I wasn’t expecting the Sun BB to be available already so I just really had to buy it! I’m really excited about the product! And even though I still have my foam cleanser, I bought a new one! The Happy Fresh Foam Witch Hazel! It’s cheap and it looks very promising…


Happy Fresh Foam Witch Hazel Php228(?) Reserved as next cleanser!

AC Clinic Daily Sun BB Php698. This took my sadness away, haha

Waah I love the freebie! Don't you just wanna throw yourself at Minho??? lol

Dr. Tony AC Control Spot Patch Php58. I think I'm gonna compare this with the Etude House one...

Lovely Me:ex Blusher PK104 Php298(?) This one's included in the sale! Lovely color! hihi

Mono Crystal Eyeshadow in Cappuccino and Satin Grey. Just to add to my collection


And I also tried this food!

Moshi Manju!

These are really delicious!!!!



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