Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Skin and Lotion Short Review

Just when I thought of buying a new moisturizer, I ended up spending money on some makeup which were on sale! I don't regret it though, because the products that I tried are suuuper good!

I have a sample size of the Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Skin and the Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Emulsion. I use the Live Snail Skin first then the Live Lotion. Been using the for more than two weeks, I guess.

From the previous emulsions that I have tried, I noticed that they both work really well in preventing acne, blackheads and whiteheads formation. But when I used this one, I noticed that I did get more than a few whiteheads on the oily parts of my face, specially on the nose.

I hated it at first but I still didn't stop using them because I thought that I needed more observation,haha.

Last year, I suffered from really bad acne marks and the cure were time and the AC Clinic line from Etude House, specially the Red Spot Balm. But after I got good results I just didn't use the balm anymore, even when I already got new scars. I don't know why, haha. So I was left with marks that are kinda, just a little deep and they look dark from afar but they're really pinkish up close.

The reason why it took me some time before trying this is because I was scared to put something snail-related to my face. SNAILS ARE YUCKY!!! hahaha but the scent doesn't remind me of a snail at
all . It has a very calming scent!

They leave a moisturized feeling even after they dry but the Live Snail Skin feels lighter. Maybe this is the reason for the whiteheads!

It made my skin glow and it's obviously healthier! This was something that I didn't expect. I just can't stress enough how I adore this product!

The scars that I have are definitely smaller and less visible, they now just kinda blend with the veins on my face lol. There were no pimples, redness or blackheads that appeared! Just whiteheads...

But even though there's an increased production of whiteheads, I can say that this didn't affect how my makeup looks/stays on my face and I didn't get any pimple from these products!

I wish I have enough motivation to save up money and buy the full size versions but I think that both are really expensive!

I think I'll just be contented with whatever results I get after my last day of using
these samples.


Now, what should I try next after this?


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