Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Week! [Vintage Necklaces + Drama + Avengers + Photo]

Midterms week is done!!! So, this week, I spent it watching a drama called K-POP The Ultimate Audition... I'm already in Episode 11. It's so addicting!!! The lead actor is super cute and handsome!!!!! I thought he looked like one of my celeb crushes, then I figured out that they're brothers, lol.

how can someone be this good looking? Huhuhu lol

And also, I watched the AVENGERS!!!! Iron Man is really the man, haha. Had a crush on him since Iron Man 1... I know he's 40 something... Anyway,  the movie was really funny and amazing!!! More amazing in 3D of course!

coolest super hero ever.

Okay, enough of those stuff, My addiction to vintage necklaces still hasn't stopped...!

My favorite!

My photo for the week! I know I've become a pig. Hey, that kinda rhymes, haha.

Sorry for my hair! Wait, I call that hair? Yes. haha

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