Friday, April 27, 2012

My Week! [Bronzer + Food + Photo]

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting for quite a long time! It's midterms week! I was busy! Damn projects and exams... But I'm happy because we're going on a field trip tomorrow! Woohoo!

As I have been saying, I'm really broke right now because I don't want to keep on wearing the same clothes to school so I keep on buying stuff to wear! But I really don't want to!!! Sad life. Haha

Today, I bought a bag and a couple of cheap buys at the department store. I'm really loving the bag! But I haven't taken a decent picture of it yet. Maybe in my next post?


Anyway, here are photos for my happy week!

I wanted to try a lighter bronzer than what I have... This is in #5 and it's P298!

My new blush brush from elf! It's tiny!!! P129

((food pics are edited)) I bought this for my field trip! Petit Meiji chocolates! Cute and yummy!

I loved this since I was little. Is that weird? (I like salty stuff though I know they are bad for health...haha)

WTH happened to Hello Kitty's head!? LOL sorry for making it super pink! I  like how it turned out, haha

A random photo of today. I think I look really excited in this picture...

See? I was so excited that I forgot to open my eyes. LOL. Anyway, the BB Cream that I'm using here is the Holika Holika All That BB. No edit/s.

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