Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Week! [Accessories + Photo]

Hello everyone! Sorry for the really late post!!!

 So I just spent three days (Friday-Sunday) at a relative's house, it felt good to spend time with my really cute younger cousins! I just miss them already!!!

love this kid!!! I thought I ruined the photo so I blurred my face haha.

Anyway, before going there, we went to Divisoria and I bought some things, here are some photos of vintage rings and necklaces that I found...

tiny telephone!

a raindeer or something, but it's cute!

I also ordered some makeup online and they will be arriving maybe on this month's last week or on the first week of May, so I'll be waiting for that!

Since there are summer classes, I am investing more on clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I have nothing to wear anymore! I want this summer classes to end already!


  1. Haha~ that kid does look really cool! >u<
    Ooh, the jewellery is so nice and pretty! ^^
    The telephone necklace reminds me of a teapot one I own! ^3^

    1. he is but he's sometimes really rowdy! I'll buy more of these kinds of jewelry the next time I go there! haha :D


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