Sunday, April 8, 2012

THE FACE SHOP: Clean Face White Acne Solution Concealer #01 Review

Hi! So here's a review of my favorite concealer for my blemishes! I've been using this one for a really long time now can't remember when I bought this. I just love this product that I don't know what to do without it.So, here's my review!!!


Gentle, brightening formula effectively covers up post-acne marks with lightweight, powdery texture.

Volume: 15ml

This comes in a small tube with a screw cap. What I don't like about it is that the tip always gets messy even if you always clean it so I always store this with the tip positioned upwards to prevent wasting the product as much as possible. But still, no matter what I do, I still mess it up, haha.

It has a nice, neat scent. I can definitely feel the "Clean" part of the name, haha.

When I was at the store, I thought that it was dark for a #01 shade, I still bought it and after trying, it blends with my BB Cream/Foundation nicely. This will be good for any of you #21/#01/Light Beige BB Cream/Foundation users!

It has a matte finish and a medium-full coverage(depends on how you apply it). It doesn't feel heavy and it doesn't look like patches on my skin.

Lasts all day on my face.

This is said to brighten post-acne marks but I didn't really see any effects on my blemishes.

Like any other matte-finish products, this will make the dry or flaky areas of your face obvious as it tends to settle on them so make sure to have no dry spots to the areas where you will apply this.

My don'ts for this concealer:

Don't use too much to prevent it from being cake-y!

Don't apply too much at once! Apply it thinly layer by layer. Wait for it to dry before applying another layer (if you need) to get really good coverage. I sometimes use 2 layers for blemishes that are quite still very red/dark but just 1 is okay for the rest.


Covers my blemishes perfectly.

Lasts all day on my face.

Has matte finish.

I only need a very small amount for my face.

Did not aggravate any acne I had.

Not expensive.

1 tube is 15ml.


The tube gets messy easily.

Am I gonna buy this again? DEFINITELY YES.

 I'm lucky to have bought this concealer!


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