Monday, April 2, 2012

Tony Moly: Dr. Tony AC Control Emulsion Review

I'm out of my AC Clinic Gel Lotion so I figured out to try my sample of this emulsion. As soon as I stopped using my gel lotion from Etude House, I noticed that my skin started to have small bumps and some reddened areas already. (Like what the hell!? Can't my skin be fine without them acne clearing stuff!? lol, but seriously...)

I have only used this for like more than a week and I'm planning to buy the full sized one the next time I go to the mall... I can't wait! hihi

Anyway, let's start!

The consistency of this is a bit different from the gel lotion that I have been used to. It's quite thicker and it leaves your skin feel moisturized, unlike the gel lotion which dries easily as if you applied nothing at all. It's doesn't give a heavy feeling at all, but I can feel it on my face.

It has a clean scent that I like, it doesn't smell medicated or anything like my previous one.

I first used this at night and as soon as I woke up, it cleared out the redness and tiny bumps on my face! Up until now, I haven't noticed any pimple emerging. My face is smooth but the dark post acne marks are still there but that's okay because you can conceal dark marks but you can't conceal a bumpy and rough skin, it will always be recognizable. I always tell this to myself whenever I look in the mirror without makeup. It makes me a little happier to be me,lol.

I guess my skin loves this product just as much as it loves the AC Clinic Gel Lotion. I think that the only difference is the scent and consistency but the effects are just the same. I still don't know how much this is but I bet this is more expensive than Etude House. Oh well, that's how Tony Moly is..


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