Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skin Food Darkcircle Salmon Concealer Cream #21 Review

Hi guys! So I had this concealer for a long time already and I started using it for my everyday makeup since the start of this year. Here's my short review of this concealer!

Packaging: I kinda like the packaging of this concealer, even though it's not very hygienic I like the how the packaging made the product inside really look as if it was made from something natural. Just make sure that before using this, your hands are super clean!

Scent: It doesn't have a fishy scent, lol. It actually has a floral scent that I like

Coverage and Finish: It has a light-medium coverage and a very dewy finish. It doesn't look cakey and too fake-looking like the other concealers that I have tried.

It has a dewy finish so don't apply to much because doing that will make the concealer sink into the fine lines under my eyes.

I haven't noticed any improvement in my dark circles in using this for two months. But it really makes the skin moisturized so maybe that will just prevent my dark circles from having more fine lines or wrinkles.

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