Sunday, February 26, 2012

Holika Holika Aqua Petit BB #21 Review

Hi guys! So this is just an edited review of my Holika Holika Aqua Petit BB Cream. No, I'm not going to change my opinion about this BB Cream, I'll just be clearing out some things. I'll also make it shorter and more precise! If you have already read my first review on this, please read this one!

This product contains over 70% healthy aqua. The moistful jelly txture on your skin is enriched with moisture, soaking into your skin and clarifying your skin, a new moisture technology BB cream.

How to Use: After applying the pudding starter for moist and shiny skin, use the spatula provided and with the puff, pat gently over your face for a a smooth and moistful skin.

Volume: 60ml

yep, I know it has a new packaging... It changed just after I bought this

Color: The shade #21 is for fair skinned people. This has a yellow undertone and it's the lightest out of all the 9 BB Creams that I have tried.

Scent: It has a sweet scent, in a non-foody way. It smells like those sweet-smelling cologne. Is it strong? Yes.

Finish: Has a matte finish. But the skin really looks healthy and moisturized!

Coverage: Depends on how you apply it.

This is the part that I want to clear. I felt unreliable for seeing reviews on this that it has light coverage, haha. I thought that if this has light coverage, then my Revlon Colorstay foundation has light coverage too, lol.

So again, the coverage depends on how you apply it. But if you're going to read the instructions, you are supposed to dab it, not just spread it out. It is a watery BB Cream, so if you spread it immediately, you will not get good coverage and it's going to be sheer. If you follow the instructions and dab it, you will let the product get a little thick and let it build up, thus giving you a medium-full coverage.

Covers my dark undereye circles perfectly! No need for undereye concealer!
Evens out my skin tone so well
Covers most of my blemishes. Some of my stubborn post-acne marks still needs to be concealed, but that has always been a given, even to my full coverage fondation.
Makes my skin look super flawless and pore-less!
No need for highlighter or powder because it makes my skin look so great with just this!
Has SPF20 PA++

Settles on dry/flaky areas on the face. Make sure to have none of that or to exfoliate before using this because the dry spots will look really obvious!
Not available here in the PHILIPPINES!

Sorry for reposting! I just thought that I really need to say this... hehe

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