Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This time, I visited a branch of Etude House nearest to my place, the Market Market branch. It was my first time to visit there and I thought that I will be disappointed but I wasn't. The area size was just like the former branch in Megamall. I wanted to buy eyeshadows but there are only a few to choose from so again, my plan didn't work out but at least I got to cross out some things from my wishlist.

The manager there (not sure if she's the manager but I think she is because she's the only one who wears a different uniform) was very accommodating! She kept talking to me so I felt really welcomed, she even gave me tips on which things I should buy. She's very friendly and nice, I never got that from the staff in Megamall. This makes me want to go back there instead of the Mega branch.

sorry for the unclear pic!

So, here are the items that I got! Bubble Hair Coloring in Dark Brown, AC Clinic Gel Lotion, AC Clinic Clay Pack, Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips in Miss Sunny Tangerine, Drawing Eye Brow in #03, Eyelash Curler, Face Color Corset in Orange Mango Fit, Petit Darling Eyes in #3, Oil Control Film. As freebies, I got the Aloha Mascara Remover and a Mini BB Brush.

After that I grabbed my favorite drink from Starbucks, the Strawberries and Cream frappuccino but today, I decided to give it a twist so I ordered the one with soy. It was almost the same, the milk was just a little sweeter in a soya way, lol I don't know how to say it better. But I think it's expensive! Might stick to the original... So that's it for now! Hope you like it!


  1. I can't wait for your reviews on these products dear~

  2. Love the color of that hairdye.<3(:

  3. @MissGennD, awww, thanks and please do wait! :D :D

  4. @Czarina, yeah, I like the color too :D I'm gonna post the results later :D

  5. Looking forward to your review of the products from the AC Line. The review on the Red Spot Balm convinced me to buy the product when I have the budget! :) I'm thinking if I should try the other products on the AC line as well.

  6. @Lei, thanks! I'm not sure when I'll start using them though...Yep, the Red Spot Balm is an angel :D


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