Sunday, August 7, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Bubble Hair Coloring #2 Dark Brown RESULTS

Everything was new to me since I was used to the traditional hair dyeing procedure, just mixing it in a container and applying it to my hair. This one is different because you have to mix the formula in a bottle pump, then you apply the foamy hair dye to your hair with just the use of gloves. It was just like massaging shampoo onto your hair so it's pretty easy.

I really like the packaging of this hair color. I like how sturdy the bottle pump feels and how all the materials inside are separated from each other.

I very much appreciated the gloves because they're more durable and thicker than the normal gloves in hair dyes. The gloves are also powdered inside so, no stickiness.



Very affordable!
Easy to use
Colored from the roots to the tip of my hair
1 box is more than enough for my long hair (above the waist)


Gave me tingling sensations to my scalp. Like any other hair dyes that I tried.
The characters on the box are all Korean. Like I understood any of that! lol
Dries out the hair if the Silky Perfumed Treatment is not used
Didn't look like what it's supposed to look like. For me.


I want this color!

I like the gloves alright.

I pushed the time to 45mins.






As I have said, a box of this hair dye is more than enough for my long hair, I had like 30 extra pumps when my hair was already covered with the foam. I still put on all of it because I want my hair to really absorb everything and it would be such a waste of money. After some time, the bubbles were already popping and the excess hair dye was dripping down the sides of my face and the back of my neck, lol.

On the application, there was a tingling sensation in my scalp but I didn't mind it since I always feel that whenever I dye my hair. In rinsing it, my hair felt like a Barbie's hair, it was like plastic! And there was pain in my scalp too, like someone pulled all of my hair out(Not scaring anyone! Just saying my experience.) But I just endured the pain. The Silky perfumed Hair Treatment solved the dry hair problem though.

I really liked the picture in the box, it was like an ashy kind of brown but it didn't look like that to me at all, but it warmed the orange-ness in my hair at least. At first, it was kind of yellowish and I didn't like it but after a couple of days, it warmed to a nice shade of brown but still, it's different to what I've expected. Maybe my before color was too strong? Idk.


  1. awesome bubble hair review.!!! I always wanted to try this. I even bought myself a box of the wine red color but decided not to do it because I have never dyed my hair before. Your hair looks great.! <3

    ~~Alexis xoxo

  2. @Alexis, why don't you try it? I bet it'll look great on you! :D Thanks for the compliment! I actually hate my hair though XD


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