Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Fresh Cherry Tint #1 Red Review

Tint promotes moist and shiny cherry lips with a creamy and smooth texture. 
[Directions] Use tip to gather and apply tint. Apply extra layer for added coverage. 
[Net Wt.] 9.5g

Hi! Long time no post, lol. I'm done with my case history and defense! No classes for me today because of the rain so might as well blog. I even forgot how I usually do it.

So, I'll talk about this tint that I bought not too long ago.I want to complete the three colors and I have bought the peach one first, then this, I don't know when I'll be buying the pink one.

The packaging is fine for me, it's simple. Red body and white cap with gold-ish shimmers. Nice plastic quality, it's not brittle or anything. Hate those kind of packaging. Take care of the print though, once it's gone it won't look like an Etude product anymore lol, it'll look like a toy.

It has a cherry scent to it.

when swatched on the back of my palm, it's a cherry dark pink but it becomes darker and will have a small hint of red to it when you apply it to your lips and for me, the color looks unnatural. I was expecting it to be just red but the cherry pink color to it was a turn off for me. I don't know, maybe it's just not for me?

The moisture from this tint lasts me for 20 minutes, it feels dry after that so I use a clear lip balm on top of it.

This can last on my lips 2-4 hours depending on what or how much I eat lol. But this can endure a few times of drinking.

What I do to make this work is that I apply a small amount of it in the inner parts of lips, I let it stay for a few seconds to have a deeper color there before finally rubbing it between my lips for gradation.

I apply a clear lip balm or a thin layer of lip gloss because the inner part of my lips look really dark pink and crusty after the 20 minute moisture this gives me. Don't wait for it to dry on you lips because the tint will gather on the inner part of your lips and it will appear darker and when you talk or open you mouth, the color between the inside and outside of your lips are screaming in contrast lol.

This tint is photogenic, it looks great in pictures but in real life, it's not really that pretty. For me.

I don't know much but this is like a dark cherry pink lipstick.

wiped the swatch

How I apply it

Followed Etude's directions

Followed Etude's directions v2

Did you like how it looks like in pictures? I do too, but in real life it's really like a lipstick, it doesn't suit me at all. But if you're in for dark lips, then this one might be for you, just use a lip balm or gloss on top of it to avoid cracky lips.


  1. Love the shade.! please check out my blog too.!

    ~~~Alexis xoxo

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  3. Sorry about that. I have given you awards dear! Please check 'em out when you have the time! :D

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  4. Looks really pretty on you! ^^,
    Btw I followed you I love your blog and reviews!
    Keep it up! ^^,

  5. @Lora-chan, thank you! I followed you too! :D

  6. I love how it looks on your lips! I have #2 and I love it!

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