Thursday, July 14, 2011

THE FACE SHOP: Spân Oil Control Pre Makeup Review

I was looking for a good but affordable primer and I was testing this in their Glorietta branch so I thought of giving it a try. I like the feeling it gave in my hand, it felt really smooth and I was excited to try it to my face. I got this a long time ago, last December, I think.

I use this whenever I’m going out for the whole day or whenever I just want to, lol. My face is really oily (but my body is soo dry, why the hell is it like that?) and my previous foundation won’t last that long and that’s irritating alright. I like this primer very much and I still use it to this day.

Formulated with sebum absorbing powder and pore smoothing elastic polymer, this makeup primer minimizes shine while enhancing the staying power of your foundation.

[Directions] Smooth on a fine layer before applying foundation.

[Volume] 30ml

It comes in a light green tube which has a slight curve at the right upper part. The tube is dense but it’s easy enough to get the right amount of primer. The packaging is simple and chic.

The color of the product is a light transparent green which of course will not be noticeable when you apply it to your face.

It has an unexplainable (for me) mild scent but that doesn’t matter because it fades away just after a few seconds.

After applying this to your face, you’ll feel the smoothness to it, (the silicone?) It’s really smooth! And because I said smooth 2 times, that’s just because I can’t explain it better.

I really can’t feel this primer on my face because I only apply a little bit and just to the really oily parts. I once tried to put on some more, thinking of making it stay a lot longer, but it felt heavy on my face and it made my face cakey after a few hours. Yeah, it didn’t look so good.

Again and again I’ll say this… My face is very oily. I had a quick trip to a province last month, I used this primer. We left the house at 8, we roamed around there, looked at the beautiful sights and stuff so I was pretty tired. We went back to the car and I checked myself at the mirror and my face was barely oily! I just blotted once or twice on my nose or the whole day. I love the amazing oil control!



This is my very first primer and I’m really happy that I bought this one. It didn’t give me breakouts or anything weird. I would try other primers someday but if they won’t work, I guess I’ll be going back to this one because it’s really great!

Just remember to apply a little bit! Hope I helped!

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