Monday, July 4, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Aloha Color Art Pen #1 Review

Sebum-proof, multicolored pens let you expertly line the eyes or to create a temporary tattoo on the skin. It delivers intense color in a long-wearing, quick-drying formula.

[Directions] Use felt-tipped marker to trace upper and lower lash lines. Draw freely on the skin for body painting. Remove with eye makeup remover.

[Net Wt.] 1g

So first of all, I only used this as an eyeliner, not for body painting or whatever. I'm quite okay with my Majolica Majorca eyeliner but I wanted to have a brown liquid eyeliner and the "sebum-proof" stated on the box made a plus.

The packaging of this one is very simple. It looks like those color pens that I used when I was a child but this one is a shimmery brown. It's made up of plastic. The print is simple too, the text is written in brown ink, nothing special about the packaging. Guess I'm just used to the cute and colorful packaging of EH products.

The felt tip is thick which makes application easy. I love it because it does not bend or whatever, it's just really like writing with a color pen, no problems with my shaky hand.

The color is purely brown, no hints of red in it. (I love the color! It gives a warm look to my eyes) It is not very much pigmented so I have to apply it a couple times but I still love it because it looks natural (for me) So take that however you want it lol.

This product is:
I tried it, it blurred a tiny little bit after a gazillion rubbing, but it never smudged, it flaked off a very little bit(better than smudging, right?). It's not like you're going to rub your eyes that hard though.
Water-proof and Sebum-proof
I used this one day, when the typhoon Falcon was in our country. I was worried about my eyes, I didn't have an umbrella and I was using this the whole day already (6am-7pm, plus oily skin), it was raining very hard that night and I was soaked with the rain, I was preparing to be horrified but it didn't move even one bit.

Sorry for the unclear pic.

I recommend this to everyone who wants a long lasting eyeliner. This is absolutely smudge-proof. No cons for me but the pigmentation may be a downside for some peeps.

I was about to post this earlier but I was soo TIRED. I always look like I'm running away from home because of the BIG bag and the BIG paper bag. College, what did I ever do to you?


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