Sunday, April 17, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Magic Bubble Peeling Review

I got this product for a month now but I only got to use it for three weeks because I wanted to see the results of the new whitening soap that I'm using right now without other whitening productsKawaii,Pixel,Rilakkuma,Heart,Piece.

So what is this Magic Bubble Peeling???

It's a Creamy Mousse Foam Facial Peel (this is what's written at the back.) that contains soy milk powder and enzymes to whiten complexion and remove oil, dirt, and excess (excess whut?). It's thick creamy texture is delicate to the skin.


Shake and hold bottle with its top facing down when dispensing. Pump to dispense and apply foam to face, massaging thoroughly across entire surface for three minutes. Rinse excess off with warm water. Use 1-2 times per week.

I chose this instead of the Rub Me Tender because it's more interesting, it's in a mousse form and it has a whitening effect. I used this twice a week, whenever I just felt like using it, no particular day but I tried to make the intervals far from each other.

So, in the 6 times of using it....

Kawaii,Pixel,StarI didn't have any allergic reaction to this product. It made my face really clean, you'll feel it when you use this.

Kawaii,Pixel,StarThe smell... it really smells powdery and soy-y (what a word, lol). Somehow, I don't like the smell, but hey it's an interesting smell, I'm just being a brat (an ugly one, lol).


Here are photos...Kawaii,Pixel,Pink,Bunny

it's 120ml

The mousse. it's thick but it's bubbly not creamy.

Rubbed/massaged/whatever for a bit. it becomes watery

The liquid soon dries up and becomes these tacky stuffs. I rinse it after it looks like that. btw, they're not dead skin cells, that's just the product drying.

After rinsing, your face will be whiter and you'll feel that it's really clean.

BUT.... The whitening stuff is kind of... temporaryKawaii,Pixel,Korilakkuma,No-No? lol, but really. For me, it lasts for just a couple of hours then it's back again to it's real color. But at least it cleans, right?Kawaii,Rilakkuma,Nodding

I forgot the price but I thought that it was affordable because it's 120ml and you'll only use it once/twice a week. Photobucket

★ ★ ★☆ ☆ - 3/5 for me. not bad..

monkey pixels
hahahahahah! lol

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