Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher 01 Miss Tangerine Review

I wanted to buy the #02 of this too but since I didn't have that much money, I decided to buy just this instead of taking the two because it's the main color of line, right? But I want the other one too, maybe next time

I tried the tester and it was really orange, but i didn't believe it at first because I know how can lights in shops affect colors of makeups sometimes. When I went home and tried to squeeze some of it a bit, it was still very orange and I find that really cute!

I tried smelling it and it didn't smell like the rest of the products, it doesn't have a scent. I was really hoping that it would smell like tangerines too, that would have been more interesting, like I'm squeezing out real tangerine's juice lol, but yeah, it doesn't have a scent.

I also noticed that it's very blendable, just a little goes a long way. And I was worrying when I first saw it, it was smaller than I thought. But I realized that I'm really not gonna use that much product in one use unless I'm planning to eat it.


The packaging is pretty, like the rest of the line

Here's a swatch... so orangey!

and when blended... tada!

This is really great, and the other shades of it as well, but I'm not planning to get the purple one, lol maybe that would look like a bruise on my face. See how little I just applied? And the orange was still orange when blended, it didn't become lighter or darker, it was just just right. The product is also smooth, no weird feeling when blending or stuff

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