Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hey, hey! Yesterday, I decided to visit THEFACESHOP because I haven’t been there lately (not saying that I should always be there, lol) and I think I missed the store after a month of saving up for the things that I bought from the internet. Wah! I’m so poor

I was planning on what to buy but of course, my plan to save money didn’t work and I ended up buying things I didn’t even need, haha. I told myself that I was only going to buy their Quick & Clean BB Cream and the Tea Tree and Bergamot face mask but I roamed around the store and I bought myself their new Oil Specialist Fresh Cleansing Oil with Cherry Blossom. I went to the cashier, planning to pay already because my budget was already ruined when I bought the cleansing oil but the saleslady told me that they have a promo where I can get a KJH diary or planner if I purchase any 2000+ worth of product with a BB cream and since I bought one BB cream already, the 500 would be a wasted chance of having it, so I didn’t think twice (as long as there’s free, I’ma get that! lol) and I wondered what I would buy. I wanted another BB cream so I purchased the Hydro Splash BB cream, I wanted a little more and bought The Flower UV Intense Powder Pact and the Acne Solution Concealer too… (okay, now I’m broke! Haha)
I chose the diary instead of the planner for no certain reason, it’s really cute! I really like the light colors and the cute drawings there are also beauty tips though they’re more like endorsements since the tips that they give are just their products. The freebies also include a gift box with “his” face on it and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s a box… and then? I wish they should’ve just given us a pouch or something else that can be a bit more useful? Haha. And their paper bag changed! It’s got the same picture with the one on the box (I would be really, really happy if it was JunHyung’s face, lol) The picture is quite okay for the size of the bag but I’m not a real fan of him and I think I would’ve looked like a fanatic if anyone would open what’s more in my paper bag (more KHJ’s face :/)

Here are some photos:
The promo I chose :P
What I bought
The diary, the box and the new paper bag :)
The diary... (sorry for the bad lighting!)
what's inside... it's in june.. my birth month XD
I’ve been addicted to TFS since I was 13 yrs. old (I liked buying their lippies and the cheek tint! OMG that was my favorite!) but it stopped when I tried using brands like Revlon and Maybelline but it went back again when I learned about BB creams and started seeing more of their products, yeah, BB creams are new to me. haha.

I really think that these promos are a big help in attracting new costumers or making regular costumers (like me) purchase more... and drain all our wallets lol but I don't regret buying any of the stuffs I bought :)

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