Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 2012 Mini Haul + My Week + Photos

Yey another blog post! I missed typing for my blog! Nowadays, I type to do school works... I've been really stressed since last month, I'll always be surprised how I made it through a day lol. But that will all end on Tuesday! That's why I'm already happy!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

I did a little haul when I went to MOA the other day. I found the items not very interesting so I'm just going to go for online shopping again... Let's all wait patiently for those...

Things I bought!


elf bronzing brush Php130. I bought this as my highlighter applicator. I've tried it already and it works great!

etude house look at my eyes in PP503. I love the color of this one it's like a combination of silver-pink-lilac. Really adorable vintage-y color!

etude house lovely cookie blusher in carrot cheesecake Php348. I wanted to have an orange blusher with shimmers since my other blushers are matte!

etude house portable ribbon brush Php198. I changed my mind about hating to retouch so I bought this lovely brush to bring with me wherever I go!

etude house dear darling neon tint in 03 neon magenta Php348. I'm excited to try this one! It's really unique hihihi!


Earlier this month, we went to Quiapo for a mass and I saw that they have lots of cases for cellphones so I bought myself one! I like it like it like it!

I thought it was soft at first but it's purely plastic. I love the glitters and how those bumps feel on my hand


Yesterday, me and 4 of my groupmates decided to chill it a little bit with the school works so we watched The Possession... It was so scary! Really, really scary. It was different from all of the paranormal stuff that I have watched. This was  how my face looked yesterday!

I got orange eyeshadow on and some gold for my lower lids... then black liner for my upper outer lashline only.

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