Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hello!!! Recently I bought these awesome accessories and I thought of sharing them with you, haha. I've been liking collar necklaces but for my first time, I only bought a couple of them... I also got some more accessories that I thought were pretty cool!

This ring is pretty cool. I punch my friends with it, lol.

Looks strange but it's really eye catching when worn.

collar necklace! looks so classy

and a really vintage-y one

a good set of bangles for all of them.

just a close up of the details. they look like bullets!

And also I haven't been posting pictures of myself so here are a couple of them, lol. Don't mind the hair, please. I was playing with my eyeshadows. I took these with the front cam of my phone so they're really blurry. Sorry!

My next review will be about my new facial cleanser, please stay tuned! Bye for now!

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