Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mini Haul/My Week!

Hi! Today after school, I went to Market! Market! and bought some stuff that I need and want. I went to Etude House, Saizen and bought some clothes too.

I'll show you some of the things that I bought...



From Etude House, I bought the Milk Talk Body Wash in Choco, Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam in Green Tea, Look at My Eyes in Milk Cocoa and the AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Patch.

From Saizen, I bought a couple of cute eyeglasses ( I didn't include them in the photos) and this Hair Color Touch that I will use to cover my red hair. It's not allowed in our duty, haha. Anyway, the Hair Color Touch is Ever Bilena! I was like... when I saw it,haha.

And, I stopped at the Candy Corner to buy a box of Air Heads. Yummehh! But it's frustrating how expensive they are now. They used to be just 4 pesos! Now it's 100 pesos for a box of 6!

Today was a really happy day for me. And next week, I'm not sure yet, but my dad told me he'll take me to Etude House again and buy me things!


  1. The Milk Talk Body Wash looks so cute. would like to try it out as well. =)

  2. How much is the Milk Talk Body Wash? :D

  3. @Tira Misu, yeah! it smells so good omg I want to taste it lol.
    @Janine M. it's 278 or 298. hehe sorry I forgot :D


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