Sunday, February 5, 2012

3W Clinic Natural Make-Up Powder #23 Review

So, I got this from an online haul I did last year in the late months of 2011. I was looking at some cosmetics and I found the Palgantong Loose Powder, so I ordered it when I found one onhand because I read that it's pretty popular in Japan and Korea that even celebrities use it, and it was cheap!(okay, so that's probably the main

When I received it, it was 3W Clinic, not Palgantong, so I searched it in the internet and I found out that they were just the same, 3W Clinic is the new name for Palgantong.

Here's my review!

Note: I can't understand Korean so I have no description to give, hehe.

The packaging is simple, not attractive at all. I'll just show it to you in the pics, lol.

The scent is like that of an old woman's perfume. But I have been using for a long time already that I' m so used to it now.

Even after all that... (with the scent and packaging, I mean...)


Because it looks so natural, it's like a veil on the skin. I apply this after my BB Cream/Foundation and it looks super good! It's very sheer and it reflects light, but it doesn't look shiny at all, it just looks natural. It instantly makes my skin look softer and brighter.

I can compare this with my Miss Tangerine Veiling Powder but I'll choose this because it reflects more light, making it look more natural, it's cheaper and it has more product to it(30 grams! it's really a lot!). I don't know when I'll be running out of this but I'll make sure to have one again!

It lasts throughout the whole day for me (By that, I mean the whole school hours)! But I still do a couple of blotting for the whole day but that's always a given, though.

Oh, btw, I threw the puff included because it's not soft enough for my liking haha. 
And also... I use a brush for this!

the packaging...

can't.... understand....

looks a bit pinkish in the container...


it doesn't when blended


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