Friday, June 3, 2011


The package came just a while ago, while I'm not in the house... Seriously though, when can I personally receive my own package? lol. I only bought few items because Summer Classes have already ended so me receiving daily allowance has already ended too.

So I was really excited but the Holika Holika foundation that I was supposed to buy was unfortunately out of stock. I opened the package and noticed that there's one item missing, the Holika Holika BB cream that I also bought. I contacted the seller and she told me that it might have been separated from the other items and that she was going going to ship it immediately. So I might receive it tomorrow or on the other day.

So here are the things that I bought:
Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask, Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Lioele Triple the Solution,
Baviphat Magic BB Cream (fresh for oily skin)

So I'd been having problems with Google lately, I couldn't open open google with any browser I have and I couldn't open my blogger account in Mozilla and the new editor wouldn't work in chrome ( I used the old editor with the latest review I did, so haard! Uploading all the emoticons and stuff). I was so pissed off so I searched and searched in the net, nothing worked. I was really hopeless and I was like  then I clicked on my Windows Defender, the laptop had a malware! OMG I was soo annoyed, I deleted it and here I am now! Yes, I am blogging just after that incident because of happiness. I now know that it's a hard life without google, I don't like to use yahoo to do my searching stuff lol.


  1. wow, love your haul girl.. where did u buy those stuff,.. cuz i want them too

  2. ah, it was my friend who told me where to buy them, sa fb lang ^^

  3. I'm thinking of ordering this innisfree juju mask... How do you like it? :)

  4. @Natalie, I haven't tried it yet but I'll tell you next time :D


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