Saturday, April 23, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE: Petit Darling Lips PK004 Review

Pink lipsticks really don't suit me but I just wanted to try it and see if that fact changed (guess notKawaii,Pixel,Sad,Korilakkuma,Strawberry). I only bought one because I'm not into lipsticks that much and I thought that I should try them first (EH lipsticks, I meanKawaii,Pixel,Rilakkuma).

...And so, here are my thoughts about this lipstick... Kawaii,Pixel,Korilakkuma,Ichigo,Strawberry
Kawaii,Pixel,Little,RainbowThe price is good (278Php) but it's very small, only 2g.
Kawaii,Pixel,Little,RainbowThe packaging is really cute. It looks like a toy and it's very princess-y.
Kawaii,Pixel,Little,RainbowThe pigmentation is pretty good. The application is creamy.
Kawaii,Pixel,Little,RainbowIt has a sweet, foody scent like a strawberry or peach.

Kawaii,Pixel,Arrow,SparkleThose are the pros. Now here are the cons...
Kawaii,Pixel,Little,RainbowIt doesn't stay long. In my latest experience, it didn't even last an hour, more like 40mins. I did drink 1 yakult while wearing it though, but that's still too fast right?
Kawaii,Pixel,Little,RainbowIt becomes dry after some time so be sure to bring it and check from time to time.

Kawaii,Pixel,Pink I can see the color as strawberry pink. It looks very sweet and girly.


a swatch

sorry for the pale photo and different lighting Kawaii,Pixel,Rilakkuma,Peace

sorry (againKawaii,Pixel,Rilakkuma,Peace) for trying to smile and failing. lol my smile is crooked but this is the closest look it has in real life.


ALL IN ALL... I'm giving this one 2.5/5 it's an okay product for me since I'm not gonna use it that much (like I said, pink doesn't suit me, I bought this one just for the heck of it). I don't like lip products that don't last and are dryingKawaii,Pixel,Anger,Vein and I think this is one so I'm not a real fan of this lipstick. For those people who loves girly shades and are fine to retouching (and retouching), then this might be okay for you. Kawaii,Pixel,Rilakkuma,Wavebye!

OMG please pray for my puppy, she's going to have a surgery. She's getting her left eye removed. My cat scratched her eye, there's no other reason. I gave all of my money to my mom. Now I'm broke but I don't care. I wish my puppy would be fine... I'm going crazzyyy....


  1. I will pray for your puppy :( I hope he's going to be okay.

    PS. I think the pink lippy looks good on you! <3

  2. You can follow people in your dashboard. :D Just paste the URL <3


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