Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tony Moly: Cristal Blusher 05 Sugar Brown Review


Hi everyone! So since the food from the New Year's eve were all gone yesterday, (I really feel like a bloated sack of rice now, btw) I decided to move a little bit by doing the dishes, cleaning the comfort room, doing the laundry and picking up my camera to take photos for today's review. How productive can this day get!?  Lol so this will be a short review of my shading powder from Tony Moly which is the Cristal Blusher in Sugar Brown.


As you an see, the packaging is really simple and as you can also see, mine broke. The table wasn't even a foot tall so I was wondering why it broke so easily.
There are two shades of the shading powders and this is the lighter one. It has sparse amount of tiny shimmers but it's matte when applied. It's not too powdery so it's not gonna look thick or painted on.

I think I prefer this shade more because it looks more natural and it will never look harsh no matter how much you apply. My face looks dirty when I apply a little too much of the darker one...

Btw, it's not that I don't like the darker one, I use that sometimes for a more defined or angled look.

I use this even for my everyday look and it doesn't look obvious nor messy. It gives my nose a natural looking definition. I also use this as a bronzer sometimes, it doesn't really give the appearance of a slimmer face but just for a little color when I don't want to look too pale. I also use this as a gradation for my blush.

I don't really have any complaints on this product, it's perfect but it will not suit all skin tones.


I would recommend this to someone with fair skin who wants a more defined features but doesn't want to look overboard. I really like this one, I was just too stupid so I broke it.

That's my review! See you next time! My skin has gotten a little rough right now, it's almost my time of the month so I'm just letting nature take its course, haha.


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