Monday, January 21, 2013

Holika Holika: Medi-Medi Acetyl Pack Review

Hey everyone! If you have read my post about my black hair, I said that I wasn’t feeling well, turned out I had Labyrinthitis and after my three-day rest from school, we faced this professor who surely turned our self-esteems to their lowest, then I prepared for the midterms and so here I am tonight writing a review about my wash-off mask from Holika Holika.

I wrote a review for this just now because I was waiting for something to happen to my face. And now that you read that sentence, you already know that I don’t like this thing. So, here is the why...


Enriched with skin clearing Salicylic Acid and therapeutic eucalyptus. Reduces irritations and minimizes breakouts.

How to use: Apply after washing your face, and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash of the mask. (1-2 times a week)



The packaging of this is very simple and kinda boring. It’s a plastic jar and there will be a separator lid that will be the second protection of the product which I threw away. My cousin didn’t even know that this was from Holika Holika until I took pictures a while ago.

It’s a little pinkish and has a thick consistency and it dries up after 10-15 minutes. It feels cold on the skin, it smells good and it doesn’t harden when it dries. It thins down as it dries like when you combine lots of baby powder and a little water… (stupid description, haha)

I have used this for a long time during different skin conditions that I had and I am positive that this product is useless. Oh, that was harsh. What I’m saying is it did not reduce irritation and it did not minimize any breakouts that I had. Good thing I’m almost out of this because I prefer those individual mask sheets.

I guess the only things I like about this are that it feels nice when applied, it smells nice too and I got two of this for the price of one.

 I actually got a lot of things that I want to review and this is it for now. Bye!

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