Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hi guys! Summer classes are officially over! and you all know what that means! Taking care of the dogs! Haha I mean, I'll be the one who will bathe them, (all 7 of them!) and be in charge of all those messy stuff they do... But that's alright, I missed my babies SO SO much!

I'll put some pictures next time. I have to be careful with the camera though! That piggy pug will surely do something! Haha


So, this week, I just want to post a photo of myself wearing neutral makeup! I don't really do this look often because I think I look lifeless but I thought this photo looked nice enough.

I also noticed that the photos I've posted lately are those of me having pink cheeks and orange-y lips, so to be different, I tried nude!

I just contoured a little and focused on the eyes.

Hehe I curled my hair and of course, it failed.

Did you notice something in my eyes? My eyelids are different! They became bigger! I think I like them this way better though. My eyeshadow can be seen better and my eyeliner can be thicker and can go all around my eyes.

Anyway, this month, I've been listening to JASON MRAZ's songs from his album LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD. I love listening to it so much that I wake and sleep to it! His voice is just soothing and the lyrics are really sweet!

This are my favorites! BUT I REALLY LOVE ALL OF THEM! The Freedom Song, Living in the Moment, The Woman I Love, I Won't Give Up, 5/6, Everything Is Sound, 93 Million Miles, Frank D. Fixer, Who's Thinking About You Now?, In Your Hands, The World as I See It, and I'm Coming Over.

sorry for the boring post!

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