Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Week! --New Lipstick♡

Yo! So... it's another random post today, I guess the next review will just be next week.

I just wanted to share everyone what I had yesterday...

Bibimbap! I finally had the courage, lol. I've always thought that it tasted weird, but I finished all of that! It was sooo yummy! Also the kimchi!!! I guess it's an exception for my dislike in spicy foods. I'm craving for more as I do this post lol.

Another good thing about it is the price, only P99! You'll feel stuffed after eating this and it's healthier than other fast food chains. It was full of vegetables!

And also....  I'm currently attracted to coral lipsticks! I was planning to buy this lipstick last week but I only did so yesterday... It's the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral

Hehe, I tried it

I adore the Super Lustrous Lipsticks from Revlon, this is my second one from the same line and I have another on my list! The one in Coral Berry!Not yet sure about that,

Oh, and look! Another pair of cute earrings!

Aren't they cute? These are only P109.75


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