Sunday, November 20, 2011

►►Falsies from Saizen◄◄


I don't really use false lashes but when I went to Saizen's Market! Market! branch, I was just attracted to them so I thought of trying them out. They're very cheap and really pretty! Only P85!

I bought one pair of top lashes and the lower lashes I bought has two pairs in one package.


they look so dolly, right!?

these lower lashes are so pretty yet so inexpensive!


I'm surely going back there! And I'll bring my mom along next time to save cash, haha! Anyway, I saw this double finger ring from a random store. I just thought that the design was cool so I bought it.

flowers and skulls, anyone?


 I might put photos of me wearing these lashes soon! And... I just colored my hair again, I tried a cheaper brand, from Hortaleza. Just saying, haha! Bye!


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