Sunday, October 23, 2011

♥Cute Stuff I Bought!♥

Just this week, my mom, my cousin and I went to Antipolo Church. It's already our semester break and I just prayed and thanked God for giving me good grades.

We also ate our breakfast there which is of course, sotanghon! So yummy!

After that, we headed to Divisoria! I'll just post the things I bought with my own money


I saw these really cute earrings for only P25 and I bought 3, lol I'm cheap, but I'm saving up for something.


I also got this cute case for my contacts! I just bought one, for my fave circle lens. Imagine if I bought 9, lol.

And just yesterday, my cousin gave me a couple of things from Tony Moly! Hehehe this is what you get from being such a nice cousin, lol.

lol at the bunny's face

Anyway, here's one of my celeb crushes

How can someone be that cute???


  1. The ribbon earrings are so cute! I was just at Tony Moly yesterday and I saw the bunny gloss bar too. It was so cute! :)


  2. awww ... love the bow earrings! It reminds me so much of Hello Kitty! and the Tony Moly gloss is adorable as well ! ^__^

    Thank you so much for following ! totally made my day :D

    Btw, where did you get all these Etude house goodies? I'm soooo jealous of your Etude House collection >.<" loll


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